1. In presentation slides, which of the following color combinations should you use if you are an advanced level designer?

(A) Monochromatic

(B) Analogous

(C) Complementary

(D) Any of the above

2. Ambiguous word meanings are factors of _______ barriers.

(A) Psychological

(B) Physiological

(C) Semantic

(D) Physical

3. If you were a sceptical listener, which of the following modes of listening would you employ?

(A) Content listening

(B) Critical Listening

(C) Emphatic Listening

(D) Appreciative Listening

4. While talking to a Chinese speaking English you should do all of the following except

(A) Avoid double questions

(B) Avoid yes/no questions

(C) Avoid open-ended questions

(D) Avoid negative questions

5. While writing business messages,

(A) You should use a highly formal tone.

(B) Using trendy buzzwords and jargon will make you look smart.

(C) You should stick to one sentence-structure for coherence.

(D) You should use stronger words in order to give more clarity.

6. Which of the following sentences would you prefer the most in a professional document?

(A) After heavy cost reduction, our sales increased by a quarter.

(B) The window glaze repair company will give us an estimate on Friday.

(C) To waste time and missing deadlines are bad habits.

(D) We shall make payments every month.

7. Which of the following is not concerned with broad categories of forms of communication?

(A) Internal (operational) communication

(B) External (operational) communcation

(C) Intra-personal communication

(D) Inter-personal communication

8. A recently hired employee has started to miss deadlines. Your attention has been called by ________

(A) Chronemics

(B) Proxemics

(C) Oculesics

(D) Haptics

9. It is 9 am. You have to inform the participants that the meeting at noon will be postponed by an hour. Which of these media would you choose ?

(A) Printed memo

(B) Printed letter

(C) E-mail

(D) Instant message

10. To determine whether the information you’ve gathered is good enough, verify that it is

(A) Accurate

(B) Ethical

(C) Pertinent to the audience’s needs

(D) All of the above

11. Which of the following techniques would show consideration in a message?

(A) Putting yourself in others’ shoes

(B) Choosing positive words

(C) Overlooking the slight mistakes of others

(D) Adopting an educating tone

12. The phase of interview in which candidates are tested on how they would deal during certain imaginary circumstances is called

(A) Situational interview

(B) Stress interview

(C) Behavioural test

(D) Job related questions

13. All the following types of information can be posted on the intranet, except:

a. Employee benefits

b. Declared holidays

c. Company policies

d. Performance appraisals

14. When writing is not as good as it could be, you and your organization pay the price in all of the following except:

a. Ineffective results

b. Reduced workload

c. Wasted time

d. Lost goodwill

15. Which of the following is not an element of front matters of business report?

a. Introduction

b. Cover letter

c. Acknowledgement

d. Table of contents

16. Which of the following is not a compulsory part of a business letter?

a. Salutation

b. Close

c. Attention line

d. Body

17. A news release is more credible than advertising because:

a. It is carried free by the medium

b. It announces a new development in the company

c. It is accepted by the medium

d. It is more interesting and newsworthy

18. The quality of a report is determined mainly by:

a. The language of the report

b. The visual aspects

c. The length of the report

d. The accuracy of the data

19.  Which of the following is characteristic of a chronological resume?

a. Appropriate for experienced candidates

b. Mentions most recent job or qualification first

c. Appropriate when education and experience are unrelated to the job applied for

d. Not commonly used

20. Appropriate salutation for an application is ________

a. My Dear Sir.

b. Sir.

c. Dear Sir.

d. Sir Mr. X.

21. Our purpose in a ________ presentation is to influence your listeners to accept your proposal

a. Informative

b. Persuasive

c. Image building

d. Multipurpose

22. Which of the following is not in the group of sales letter?

a. Application and resume

b. Brochure

c. Collection letter

d. Advertisement

23. Which if the following is not an informative heading?

a. Why We Need a New Distributor

b. Five Challenges Facing today’s Distributors

c. Distributers Are a Better Choice for Us than Wholesalers

d. Distributor Choices

24. Which one of the following can be categorized under reports?

a. Travel log

b. Meeting minutes

c. Feasibility study

d. All of the above

25. While writing a unsolicited application letter in a low context culture which of the following would be the best ending?

a. May I call to discuss a convenient time for interview?

b. Hoping for a positive consideration from your part

c. Please reach me anytime of the day at this number

d. You may make the reference checks

26. All these are the general differences between a memo and a letter except the

a. Use of the word enclosure or attachment

b. Complementary close

c. Copy notation

d. Heading block

27. Which of the following is not a good method of getting the audience’s attention during an oral presentation.

a. Tell a popular joke

b. Pass around a product sample

c. State a startling statistics

d. Ask a question

28. The various methods of transition in a paragraph are:

a. Use connecting words

b. Echo a word or phrase from a previous paragraph or sentence

c. Use a pronoun that refers to a noun used previously

d. All of the above

29. While accepting an invitation by email, it would be the best to state the acceptance in the

a. Beginning of the message

b. Body

c. End of the message

d. Subject line

30. When you desire ________  you would not use electronic messaging.

a. To send a very long message

b. High speed and low cost

c. To reach a vast audience

d. A realtime collaboration

6. Communication is not successful unless the receiver understands the message as the sender meant it.  The following statements actually appeared in letters of application for an advertised job opening:

(a) One applicant wrote, “Enclosed is my résumé in response to Wednesday’s The Himalayan Times.”

(b) Another wrote, “Enclosed is my résumé in response to my search for an editorial/ creative position.”

(c) Still another wrote, “My experience in the production of newsletters, magazines, directories, and online data bases puts me head and shoulders above the crowd of applicants you have no doubtedly been inundated with.”

Analyze the above messages. Explain what went wrong.Suggest what should be done? (3×2 marks)


Long Answer Questions

2. Communication is not successful unless the receiver understands the message as the sender meant it. Analyze the following examples of communication failures. Explain what went wrong. Suggest what should have been done. (5×4 marks)

a. David Brooks ran a family business selling T-shirts to young people at athletic events. To get permission to sell at an event in Louisiana, he spoke to a tournament committee member, who said the committee wasn’t “concerned.” Delighted, he began to make travel and staffing plans. In a follow-up call, however, he learned that the committee had not issued him a permission.

b. The editor of Salt Lake City’s Desert News told his staff to “change the picture” of film icon James Dean, who had a cigarette dangling from his lips. The staff thought that the editor wanted the cigarette digitally removed from the picture, which they did. When published, the altered picture drew considerable criticism. The editor later explained that he had expected the staff to find a new picture.

c. Team leader Tyson said to team member Alicia, “I could really use your help in answering these customer inquiries.” Later Alicia was resentful when she found that he expected her to answer all the inquiries herself.

d. A supervisor issued the following announcement: “Effective immediately the charge for copying services in Repro will be raised 5 to 8 cents each.” Receivers scratched their heads.

e. A China Airways flight, operating in zero visibility, crashed into the side of a mountain shortly after takeoff. The pilot’s last words were “What does “pull up” mean?”

Unit 3+4


a) Case

The Laguna Beach Resort Hotel, Thailand, nestled between a tropical lagoon and the sparkling Andaman Sea, is one of the most beautiful resorts in the world.

When Brett Peel arrived as the Director of the hotel’s kitchen, he thought he had landed in paradise. Only on the job six weeks, he began wondering why his Thai staff would  answer “yes” even when they didn’t understand what he had said.

Other foreign managers discovered that junior staff managers rarely spoke up and never expressed an opinion that was contrary to those of senior executives. What’s more, guests with a complaint thought that Thai employees were not taking them seriously because the Thais smiled at even the worst complaints. Thais also did not seem to understant deadlines or urgent requests. At least 90 precent of the hotel guests are non-Thai.

Analyse the case briefly. If you were the Director of this hotel, decide what you would do. Specify the target groups, the actions and the topics/items in your action plan. (4+6)

Unit 5+6