QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow to register domain free of cost?
Hridit asked 1 year ago
Please tell me in detail how the domain can be registered free of cost??
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Harit Thakuri Staff answered 1 year ago
Whether you are planning to lunch a new blog or a website for your business and looking for a cost-effective way to register a domain. Or, you are a student and searching for a free domain for your project. You can get .np ccTLD domain ( for free; No registration fee, No renewal fee. It’s completely free. .np ccTLD domain registration service is provided by Mercantile Communication in Nepal for free. In this guide, we will go through all details like required documents, eligibility criteria, and of course, step by step process to register a free .np ( domain.    

Requirement to register free domain

To register a free domain, we need the following item:
  • Official document related to the domain name we are requesting.
  • Domain request Cover Letter/Application signed by the applicant.
  • Domain Name Server Address.
Let’s go through each element and prepare it one by one.

1. Required Official document:

First, You will need a supporting document related to your domain name. You can use Nepalese citizenship, Passport, or Driving license to request the domain. Submitted documents should be related to the domain name you are trying to register. For example, By submitting Citizenship of Hari Thakuri, you can’t register the domain You can use variations of your name like, This document must be scanned in image format (jpg, jpeg), and the image size should be less than 200KB. If you are submitting your citizenship, then the scanned image should contain both the front and back parts of your citizenship.    

2. Application / Cover Letter for domain registration

Along with the official document, you will need a Domain request Application / Cover Letter signed by you.
  • Write the application/cover letter on white paper. [you can use the below sample cover letter as a template].
  • Print it. (Instead of printing, you can directly write an application on white paper.)
  • Signed it.
  • Scan in image format. registration Sample Cover letter/ Application

You can take this sample cover letter and write it on your own or you can use these templates and make appropriate changes to the highlighted part. The Hostmaster Np ccTLD registration services Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd Email: [email protected] Subject: Application for domain registration Dear sir/madam I am writing to request the registration of domain under my name Hari Kumar Thakuri with domain Applying for registration of the domain follows all the terms and conditions of Domain registration. I submit the required credentials for domain registrations as per the rule. I would be very grateful indeed for your help. Needless to say, I will be glad to supply you with any further information you may need. I look forward hearing from you soon. Yours sincerely, Hari Kumar Thakuri Domain name: Primary nameserver: Secondary nameserver:

3. Domain Name Server Address

In simple terms, Domain Name Server addresses are the special address that points your domain name to the hosting server you are using. Domain Name Server is also called DNS or Name Server. To host any website, you will need hosting space to save your application code. When you buy hosting space, they will provide you their Domain Name Address configured in their hosting. For example, If you are hosting with infinityfree (Free webhosting), then you can use the below Name Server     Primary Name Server: 
Secondary Name Server: For more details