Yudhisthira’s Wisdom

Long ago, the Pandavas were gone for hunting in the jungle. They were five brothers Yudhisthir, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadev. They five travelled for many hours in Search of deers, rabbit etc. At last they didnot find any animals in the jungle. They were very thirsty so, they decided to search the source of water.

Yudisthira was the eldest among the five brothers so, he told Sahadev to search any source of water. Then Sahadev went in search of water. After somethime he found a clean pond. This moment was the fantabulous moment for him. When he was going to drink the water a strange sound stopped him. The strange sound awared him not to drink the water because it was belonged to Yakshya, who was producing sound. Sahadev looked heere and there and saw no one. So, he finally decided to drink water. After he drank the water he felt unconcious. He lied in the ground.

Sahadev didnot come back. So, Yudhisthira sent Nakula to search Sahadev. Nakula also reached there. Nakula also faced same thing. Then Yudisthira sent all two brothers one by one then, Yudisthira went to the same place dollowing the footsteps of his brother.

After he reached there he saw all brothers lying in the ground in the same position. he was going to drink the water of pleasant pond. Then suddenly the Yakshya shouted “Don’t drink that water because it belongs to me”. “If you want to drink the water then ytou have to answer my questions” said yakshya. Then Yudhisthira told”Okay, I am ready to answer any questions”.

The Yakshya started to ask the questions. Yudhishthira answered all the questions correctly. Then Yakshya was impressed with yudisthiraswisdom. The Yakshya said “I am very impressive with your answers so I will give life to one of your brothers, whom do you want to choose? Yudhishthira said'” i want to choose Nakula. Yakshya asked,” Why do you choose Nakula? Why don’t you choose Bhima or Arjun? Yudhisthira answered,” I choose Nakula because he is my step brother, if he died his generation will be over.”

Then Yakshya again impressed with him and his wisdom. So he gave life to all give brothers.


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