A Powerful Weapon

Author: Yekatha Pokharel, Grade:10 Centennial Secondary School

Both education and skills are powerful weapon so, build it to be strong.

Once there were two friends named Philip and Sulav. They were friends from their childhood. Since childhood sulav was interested in his study and Philip was curious to learn new things.

They both grew together. They both wanted to engage in their future so they both engaged in the same field to do business. They started a business. One was good in the study and another had skills., Thye both took their business in the upper level. They were in one of the top businessman in the world. Life was going good. One day due to miscommunication or misunderstanding they decided to be apart. The business was broken into. Day by day, business was getting down. Number one business came in number last. Neither Sulav, nor Philip could build a future. Due to less education, Philip could not get job anywhere. Even due to his skill, he was not paid well in any job. Due to less skill, even Sulav could not get the job. Day by day, both of them were coming down. Now both remember each other. One day, they both met each other on the street. They did not put thoughts about their past they hugged each other tightly.

Finally, they both came to know how skills and education are important. They built their business again and now their companies are the number one companies in the world.

Moral: Both education and skills are powerful weapon so, build it to be strong.


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