The Goddess Kumari – The Real Story

Author: Aditi Shahi, Grade: 9, Centennial Secondary School, Jorpati, Kathmandu

In Nepal, Kumari is selected from the Nepalese Shakya Newari Buddhist community Kumaris were mainly worshipped and believed as the goddess of Newars

Once upon a time, there was a young prepubescent girl selected as Kumari. Kumari was the tradition of worshipping young prepubescent girl on the manifestation of the divine female energy or devi in Asian religion. The word Kumari was derived from Sanskrit according to the history.

In Nepal, Kumari is selected from the Nepalese Shakya Newari Buddhist community Kumaris were mainly worshipped and believed as the goddess of Newars. But some of the Hindu devotees also worship her. Kumari used to select from different cities.
Among them, the Royal Kumari was in the Kumari ghar, a palace for Kumari located in Kathmandu’s center. There were so many requirements for her to become a Kumari.The Royal palace queen personally checked the girls to see whether she was physically and mentally fit or not. They even check her teeth and nails and body to see if there are scars or any bruises.

A girl who becomes Kumari has to follow many strict rules. She can’t see the sun, she can’t touch the ground directly with her feet. She is not allowed to see the outside world unless there is jatra. She would have physical growth, changes in hert body, curiosity about other things but she is not allowed to get out of the Kumari ghar. After being Kumari, many people would come to worship her. The girl was going through all the challenges coming in her way as being a Kumari. Being a Kumari, she can’t show any of her expressions to anyone. One day, the girl was really tired of being Kumari and not showing how she was feeling. So, like usual may people came there is worship her. She was feeling really happy. There was a man that talked to her really nicely and even offered so many goods. By looking the man, she accidently showed her expressions and smiled. The man did not know the effect of him being smiled by the Kumari but the other people were really tensed. They got scared and asked the man to sit nearby them for one night and guaranteed hium that something really bad would be happened to him really soon.

But the man wasnot obeying them and said they are all fake. I just came here to see what if really was and why people are worshipping this girl. She is just a normal girl. It’s all stupid. But he did not know something was gonnna happen to him soon. He went home by not obeying them. Next day, the man felt really sick. The other pujaris tried to call him but he did not pick. Soon his illness got really bad and due to lack of oxygen he lost his life.

Moral: There is still the presence of god in the form of Kumari. If we do not believe then also we do not have the right to say about her. We should have patience to be a Kumari.


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